How to fix error ERR_TOO_MANY_REDIRECTS?

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The message ERR_TOO_MANY_REDIRECTS means that “the site stack in infinite redirection loop”. Usually it appears after any changes on the site, in case of incorrect redirect configuration on the server or due to incorrect settings of third-party services used on the site.

How do you fix a mistake?

There are several ways to fix an error.

Method 1. Clearing browser cookies

The easiest way is to clean the cookies in your browser, which is recommended by the developers of popular web browsers themselves. For example, cookies, which are stored by the browser on your computer, may sometimes contain error data, which leads to an error. Therefore, it is recommended to delete them (in the settings of each browser has the appropriate tools).

Method 2: Cleaning the browser cache

Each time you visit a website, your browser stores locally different information, including some website settings (including cookies). To remedy this problem, you can clear the cache, thus erasing any erroneous data associated with a particular site.

Method 3. Cleaning the server cache

Also some erroneous data may be stored in a cache located on your hosting server. Many hosting companies provide such service, which can be made from the admin panel.

Method 4: Cleaning the proxy server cache

If a proxy server (e.g. Cloudflare or Sucuri) is used for the operation of your site, you can also perform cleaning in its settings.

Method 5: Using the online service Redirect Checker

If cache cleaning does not solve the problem, you will need to find out what caused it. For this purpose, there is a convenient online service Redirect Checker, which will help you determine where exactly the redirection cycle begins.

Method 6: Checking https settings

Another reason for the error ERR_TOO_MANY_REDIRECTS is the https protocol settings. So, if you have transferred your site to work via https, first of all, you should check the presence of installed and working SSL-certificate. In its absence, the protected protocol will not work correctly on your site. Further you should check the correctness of redirect setting from http to https both on the server and on your site. In the latter case a special plugin is often installed, which automatically redirects all links to the new protocol.

It is also necessary to check the site address in admin panels Settings > General. Often the error occurs due to the fact that after translating a site to https its address remained with http. Both fields (WordPress address (URL) and Site address (URL)) must match and start with https.

Method 7: Checking the plugins operation

Often a redirection loop error can occur due to incorrect operation of some active plugin. In this case, you should disable all plugins (rename the plugins folder in the files directory of your site). If your site started working correctly, you will have to find out which plugin failed.

What if all these methods didn’t help you?

Try to do this list:

  1. If you have backups — recover you files from it.
  2. Turn off all your plugins (if you have access to admin panel)
  3. If not — move all plugins from directory wp-content/plugins/ to another temporary ex. wp-content/temp-plugins/
  4. Update theme, if you haven’t made any changes to it.
  5. Try to update WordPress files and directories (wp-admin, wp-includes).
  6. Enable WP_DEBUG mode in wp-config.php file.

I hope my advice has helped you. If not — write in your comments 😉

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